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Accustomed to the comfort in clothes during self-isolation, the designer of the Sanna One brand, Oksana Ostrovskaya, decided to release a capsule collection that will allow every girl to feel comfortable in everyday life.

Sanna One brand is about bright clothes for bold and confident women. The Action capsule is an exit to the comfort zone.

Crop tops, mini dresses with straps and long sleeves are presented in several colors: classic black for the brand and olive - placing bright accents.
The addition is trendy cigarette pants and mid-knee leggings.
Raised lines and chunky seams in the details of the garments create a structural silhouette.

The capsule is complementary with the main collections of the brand and is created from three-thread Italian knitwear, which allows you to feel comfortable at any temperature.

Action is comfort in motion, wherever you are: in the city, at a party or on the way to rest.
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