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Spring-Summer 2021


Opportunities are born from limitations.
The power of a woman is in her actions, movements, gaze, inner message, and this is projected onto the clothes she wears.
The clear silhouettes of the products were complicated by draperies, pleats, structural elements that accentuate the figure, and complex treatments.
Short mini and natural leather create the image of a strong woman, shape her inner message and give confidence, and translucent corsets emphasize the relief of the female body.

The collection is made in classic colors: black, beige, and gray.
In the new season, the designer continues to work with leather. In addition to the main products, the brand released accessories that are represented by wide leather belts in two variations: classic and more daring, with a detail on the neck.
“Leather goods are an investment. Which will then pass from season to season. ”- says the designer.
By emphasizing our individuality with clothing, we create emotions that fill our lives.

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